With such a huge variation of plant and equipment, managing pre-shift checks using paper is particularly difficult for farmers and agricultural operators. The reason for this is that paper is “fixed”, which means many checks are “not applicable”, when applied across all vehicles and plant. SmartCheck offers asset-specific checks, so only those checks relevant to the item being checked are shown, simplifying the whole process. Apply these checks correctly and you will also cover PUWER and LOLER regulations, where applicable.

In addition, some agricultural plant exists in two states: “static” and “on the move”. When about to be moved or towed, additional checks can be shown to check that the asset is “roadworthy”, a very different level of safety obligation than plant that is “static” in the field. This saves time for static plant AND ensures safety on the move.

With the vast majority of assets being plant, and therefore subject to servicing based on use/hours, rather than mileage/kilometres, SmartCheck is designed to record plant hours as part of pre-shift checks, and this will raise and alert when the asset is due for service, as well as maintain accurate record of use over time.

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