Our customers have mentioned that their drivers are permitted or even encouraged, to resolve some defects, such as replacing a bulb. Our competitors would not be able to handle this but SmartCheck can with its new driver repair feature.

How does it work? Your driver completes their daily walkaround with SmartCheck as usual. The resultant report plus any defects identified are returned to WebView, with a copy retained on the device in case this needs to be shown roadside BUT if a driver then resolves the defect, his/her actions can be recorded with the Driver Repair feature in SmartCheck. The result is that the local report is updated, to reflect the repair, the repair data is also returned to WebView to dynamically update WebView’s defect table, as well as the related daily walkaround report, to reflect the repair. This is truly a “closed loop”, helping to maintain compliance and all without paper.

For more information on SmartCheck or Driver Repair, call 01952 460928 or email info@smart-check.co.uk.