Typically, a single paper form is used to carry out pre-shift or pre-use checks. More often than not, that same form is applied across the fleet of vehicles of carrying specification, many with dedicated, specialist features. The same is the case with plant and machinery. The net result is lots of “Not Applicable” answers. Apart from wasting valuable time, this is prone to error, as inevitably, less attention will be given to completing such a form.

SmartCheck’s flexibility solves this challenge, by ensuring that the operative is prompted only to perform those checks relevant to that asset but also includes all asset-specific checks, ensuring a 100% accurate safety inspection.

All defects are reported for action, as is core to SmartCheck functionality, but with specialised ancillary equipment, this becomes even more essential, as repairs and replacements are that much more expensive: identify minor defects before they become major defects.

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