The SmartCheck App allows your drivers to instantly report any defects discovered, either as part of their routine pre-use vehicle checks or during in-service. The defect management feature can be fully customised to suit any fleet and can capture all important information including whereabouts of the vehicle, the specific defect type, and any photographic evidence.

When a driver has signal all defect reports are synchronised with the online Webview Monitoring platform, in readiness to be viewed and actioned accordingly. To speed up the rectification process, an email alert can also be sent to the designated person responsible to notify them that a new defect report has been received.

All repairs for serviceable defects can be planned, scheduled and tracked within Webview, with full details stored indefinitely for later reporting and analysis, and compliance purposes.

Key Features

Defect Management Screen View

Online Report Viewer

All vehicle inspection reports submitted, including any defect alerts, can be viewed 24/7 online with our instant Webview Monitoring platform.

Defect Tracking

Track the progress of all defects logged through to rectification. Keep tabs on new faults reported, any still outstanding and those that have been fixed.

Repair Scheduling

All serviceable defects can be scheduled for repair with parts and labour preplanned to help reduce vehicle off road (VOR) time and costs.

Compliant Audit Trail

Our platform facilitates the systematic recording, management and processing of all defects ensuring you have a fully compliant audit trail.

Defect Analysis

View data on defects reported and their status to create detailed charts or graphs for further analysis, which can be exported or printed out.

Safe & Secure

All defect reports are stored securely within the cloud, which is backed up daily and cannot be deleted or tampered with.

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