SmartCheck is a fully digital solution designed to help fleet operators of any size or sector support vehicle maintenance compliance and fleet/plant related QHSE.

Consisting of a mobile App, synchronised with a cloud-based management system, SmartCheck aids drivers with pre-use checks, ad-hoc defect reporting and the recording of QHSE events. Defect management and vehicle maintenance scheduling is fully integrated, transparent and auditable making it suitable for the highest standards, such as FORS compliance and the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme.

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Vehicle Defect Reporting

For many industries and sectors, the need to carry out daily defect reporting on vehicles is a mandatory requirement. Traditionally, this has been a paper-based method with drivers having to complete various inspection sheets and defect books to record vital vehicle information.

Our SmartCheck App overcomes this problem, as it lets your drivers conduct defect reporting more easily and efficiently from their smartphone! Preloaded with a standard (DVSA/FORS compliant) or fully customised checklist, drivers can complete their inspections in quick time with the all reports logged, date, time and location stamped before being submitted electronically to an online Webview system for instant review.

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Defect Management

Vehicle defects can be discovered by drivers as part of their pre-use checks or alternatively during in-service. The Smart Check App comes with a comprehensive defect reporting feature that allows drivers to instantly send defect reports back via our online Webview Monitoring platform, so they can be actioned at the earliest opportunity.

All important defect information such as vehicle location, time, fault type, and any photographic evidence can be captured by the App and submitted in an electronic report.

Repairs for serviceable defects can be managed within Webview right through to rectification, providing a complete audit trail for compliance purposes and allow further analysis if required.

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Fleet Maintenance Scheduling

Our easy to use Fleet Maintenance Scheduler gives you total control on fleet maintenance to help keep your vehicles on the road, operating both safely and efficiently.

The web-enabled system offers many useful features for fleet operators, including; auto-scheduling of important service events, synchronising inspections and MOTs, track repairs for defects, plus produce insightful reports to help review vehicle performance.

All documents, certificates and policies can be uploaded onto the system for completeness of records and keeps everything securely in one place.

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DVSA Earned Recognition

As a DVSA approved IT systems provider, SmartCheck is a tailor-made solution for those wanting to join the Earned Recognition Scheme. The SmartCheck system easily allows operators to record vehicle maintenance and drivers’ hours, so they can monitor and report to DVSA on all necessary Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to verify their compliance.

By joining the Scheme, operators vehicles are less likely to be stopped for roadside inspections, saving time and money, plus it can validate an operations capabilities when bidding for contracts.

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The flexibility of SmartCheck comes into its own when applied to asset inspection processes outside of standard defect reporting. For example, QHSE processes are perfectly aligned to SmartCheck’s methods, as they follow the same model.

Lift Plan, Pre-delivery checks and Equipment safety checks, are just three of the areas available but SmartCheck is flexible enough to meet all QHSE document requirements encountered thus far. Read on to see how SmartCheck customers convert paper QHSE forms to an electronic equivalent.

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