The most commonly asked questions about SmartCheck.

How do I buy SmartCheck?

Our SmartCheck app is on Apple’s Appstore and Google Play. It’s a free download and has a “taster” in the form of a quick “on board” walkaround dem for you to try. Our more advanced features and access to our free WebView fleet monitor, are also available to trail. Simply fill in the trial form and our support department will set up your trial fleet. If you like what you see then you can commit to rolling out across your fleet.

Why try to fix something that is not broken?

We can’t agree more. What we want to do is enhance the proven processes that you have in place, rather than try to change them. The daily walkaround checks are critical but do they need to be done on paper? Also, do the results, particularly identifies defects, get to your service department soon enough? Do they get there immediately? If they were to, that must save off- road time and delayed journeys. This is precisely what we can offer!

We don’t provide our drivers with Smartphones - surely that is too expensive!

You might be surprised by what contract phone deals are possible today. Alternatively, we can provide smartphones as part of a bundled price offer with SmartCheck. Apart from supporting your desire to be fully compliant, the savings available by having defect detail immediately, accompanied by descriptions and photos, will make the investment very worthwhile.

Our defect books cost us very little. How can we save any money?

The actual cash saving when you remove the paper-based defect reports, is small but the savings in distribution, collection, data entry etc, begin to add up. The peace of mind, knowing that all daily checks are completed, even when the vehicle is on the road overnight, has value. As, well as knowing who has and who hasn’t, completed their checks. The main savings come when you use the readily available defect data to schedule action. Having parts and labour ready and waiting for the arrival of the vehicle saves a lot of very expensive off-road time.

Can the defects be sent straight to our service mechanics?

We have an option to do just that. The basic system collects all defect reports and forwards any defects to a service department email or phone. As you will know, on occasions the defect can be rectified by the driver. If you incorporate this approach in your operation then SmartCheck can support it, offering any defects identified in the earlier daily walkaround, to be reported as rectified/fixed, with supporting comment and photo(s). It covers things like bulb replacements or similar, that don’t necessarily need a service department but would otherwise risk a PG9.

From the office you’ll see all this progress through the WebView Fleet Monitor screen. Our next step is for defect repair or rectification task, to be allocated to a mechanic and the relevant data regarding the reported defect sent to their phone. So the mechanics have a schedule to work from and completed repairs are then sent back with time and parts used, with the cycle concluded as a “closed” repair. Again all visible through WebView by as many people as need to have access, at no charge.

Is SmartCheck just for the haulage industry?

SmartCheck is designed to cover statutory “pre-shift safety checks”. We have templates for the haulage and logistics industry, covering Tractor AND Trailer or both separately if the trailer is collected off-site. This allows us to provide the DVSA minimum checks and add haulage specific options as needed. We have a separate PSV template and include the relevant DVSA minimum checks for bus or coach. For example passenger related safety aspects, such as seat belts, are important for the bus & coach industry. We also have templates for LGV and can cover and plant that requires daily inspection. SmartCheck and WebView work in the very same way with reports returned to WebView for you to monitor as the day progresses.

How can I be sure SmartCheck will work for me?

We are very aware that while the fundamental service provided by firms in the same industry is the same, the way each operator goes about things can be very different. SmartCheck’s template-based operation means you can include any additional checks you wish to carry out for your own operational needs. So long as you include and record the minimum details, WebView will show you what has occurred in your fleet.

Can SmartCheck help report defects when on tour or on the road?

The more fragmented your operation, i.e. work across many depots or have “on tour” coaches or “Trampers”, where the starting point of the vehicle is not the depot, the greater value SmartCheck offers. How many times do you know for certain that that a driver who starts their shift away from the depot, has completed the Daily Walkaround Check before the shift starts? With SmartCheck the report is delivered with date, time AND location. So even if the vehicle is in a location that has no phone signal, SmartCheck will return the report as soon as signal is available and you WebView will tell you when the report was started, when it was completed and where the report occurred.

What if we have several shifts using the same vehicle on the same day?

We have to cover these situations for driver handover and also for smaller delivery vehicles used in a three shift rota. Options to support this include:

Report Swap, where the existing report is “passed” to another driver’s SmartCheck, preventing the need to perform the walkaround check again; popular with dual drivers for coach tours;

Graphical Damage Reports, where scratches, bumps, dents, etc, are reported for the whole vehicle, before every driver shift, allowing the fleet owner to determine driver responsibility. This is a very time-consuming event and we cater for this scenario by pre-loading the last known Damage Report. It means the driver carries out all the standard safety checks from scratch but can confirm and/or add to damage seen in the visual inspection: we calculate that this saves some 75 man-hours per year, per vehicle!

Can you interface with our maintenance system?

Over the years our mobile solutions have been interfaced with a great many back-office systems and we have yet to fail in achieving this. Success does depend on forging a good relationship with the back office system provider, of course. When successful, defects are passed directly to the fleet maintenance system and they can appear as new jobs, as if they were discovered during a routine maintenance inspection and typed in.

My drivers will not want to change!

Over our 20 years of providing mobile solutions we have come across every type of potential user, as you can imagine. You may be surprised to hear that the same concern is raised almost every time. Believe it or not, on almost every occasion we install a new client site, it is the more “mature”, IT phobic, users that start with a negative view but end up as the system’s greatest advocates. After using our products for a few weeks, often asking “How did we do without this!” and stating categorically “I’m not going back to paper!” If you ask our reference site customers, they will say the same thing.

Who else uses your software?

SmartCheck is used in range of haulage, logistics and PSV operations and the numbers continue to grow. While SmartCheck is fairly new we have an enviable track record of successful, robust and reliable mobile solutions, mainly within the transport arena. Simply put our products work an our customers stay with us, due to product reliability but also the fact that we treat every client with respect and deliver an after sales service second to none. Our case studies highlight this.

What happens when our driver is stopped and needs to produce the latest defect check?

SmartCheck retains the full Daily Walkaround Check report and your driver can simply select the view option to show the content of the check event to a DVSA Inspector, as they would do with the paper version. The difference is that the report is date and time stamped, so your drivers won’t be able to complete it at the time they are stopped. A good move we think.

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