Our web-enabled Fleet Maintenance Scheduler enables operators to centrally manage vehicle maintenance and inspections in line with their operational requirements.

The easy to use dashboard gives you total control on fleet maintenance planning along with many time-saving features, including; auto-scheduling of important service events, synchronising inspections and MOTs, track all follow-up maintenance orders to original defect reports.

All inspection paperwork, maintenance documents, certificates and policies can be uploaded onto the system for each vehicle, giving you a full audit trail and keeps everything securely in one place that is accessible 24/7 if required.

To help monitor reliability, durability and maintenance costs of each vehicle, a range of analytical reports can be produced and shared with key people offering useful insight.

Fleet Maintenance Scheduler – Key Features

Fleet Scheduler Screen View

Intelligent Scheduler

Struggling to keep up with MOT’s and safety inspections? Our intelligent scheduler can help sync different service events and display alerts if a vehicle is at risk of non-conformance.

Dashboard Assistance

The easy-to-use dashboard offers an array of features to assist operators with fleet maintenance and remain compliant at all times.

Scheduled Events Report

Issue your planned and booked service events with an emailed Report to your Service Provider.

Monitor Fleet Performance

Monitor reliability and cost of maintaining each vehicle to assess lifecycle status and if the required performance standards are being achieved.

Complete Record Keeping

Retain all inspection/service reports for each vehicle, including maintenance records – MOT’s, road tax, invoices for any repairs.

Earned Recognition Ready

Part of the DVSA’s Earned Recognition Scheme? The SmartCheck Scheduler is a validated system for maintenance KPIs.

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Fleet Maintenance Scheduling
Fleet Maintenance Scheduling