Remove the risk of on-site drops, with SmartCheck’s interactive Driver’s HIAB QHSE Lift Plan.

Safe deliveries to site are critical and it is incumbent on the operator to perform a pre-drop risk assessment. All drivers will consider risk at the point of delivering a load but should an incident occur then this is insufficient to demonstrate an operator’s management of the risk. As well as the requisite LOLER and pre-use checks that are required of lifting gear, SmartCheck can also guide a HIAB (or equivalent) operator through a brief but complete, formal Lift Plan Risk Assessment. Once completed this can be signed by the client, also using SmartCheck and a formatted PDF report, including all of the risk assessment content, signatures, graphical drop data and post-delivery photos, sent to the client via email and copy retained for the operator’s reference at later date. Minimise risk, improve the service and enhance your professional image, using SmartCheck.