The flexibility of SmartCheck comes into its own when applied to asset inspection processes outside of standard defect reporting. For example, QHSE processes are perfectly aligned to SmartCheck’s methods, as they follow the same model:

  • Events exist to be checked and reported as positive or negative
  • Negative responses may require follow up action, such as comments and/or photos
  • Other data, such as date, time, names, location and comments are usually required
  • The process of completing the form accurately may require “conditional navigation”, e.g. skip this section dependent on previous entries
  • Any issues identified may need to be alerted immediately and triggering action
  • QHSE reports require to be signed by the operative and often a supervisor or the client
  • Digitally assisted annotation may be required
  • Reports need to be well formatted so that they are easily viewed and suitable for client copy
  • All reports need to be returned completed and available for viewing on demand

Lift Plan, Pre-delivery checks and Equipment safety checks, are just three of the areas available but SmartCheck is flexible enough to meet all QHSE document requirements encountered thus far. Read on to see how SmartCheck customers convert paper QHSE forms to an electronic equivalent.

QHSE – Key Features

QHSE Screen View

QHSE Flexibility

Risk Assessments are fundamental to Safety at Work and Duty of Care. SmartCheck allows you to apply these checks, where they are needed, whatever the content.

QHSE Lift Plan

Payload deliveries to site, are fraught with risk. Overhead cables, obstructions, payload security, vehicle stability, etc. all come into play. Without an adequate, documented lift plan, you can be left with a responsibility and liability. Remove the risk using SmartCheck.

PUWER Checks

Safety at Work, when using plant and equipment is regulated, via the PUWER check process. SmartCheck delivers paperless Daily or Weekly Safety Inspections, with reports accessible on demand.

LOLER Checks

Lifting equipment, of all forms, is subject to periodic LOLER 1998 Safety Inspections. You can now perform your LOLER checks using SmartCheck and make related PDFs available on demand or export them to a 3rd Party Health & Safety System.

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