“Finally a valid alternative to Excel!”

The latest SmartCheck module, Fleet Scheduler, is now live and will reduce the challenges of fleet maintenance planning to a simple administrative task, with easy set up and intelligent update features. With free optional Earned Recognition Scheme output, Planner puts you in control of vehicle maintenance planning and filing, regardless of your fleet make up. “Plan”, “Book”, “Complete” and File” your Safety inspections electronically and prevent the risk of late inspections or MOTs, with SmartCheck Planner. Planner removes the paper from the process, so all inspection and maintenance records are converted and stored electronically; available on demand. This saves you so much management time and you will become “audit-ready”. Want to add your own events, over and above the mandatory services, MOTs, etc? Simply add your own event into Scheduler and populate repeat events for as far forward as you choose. You will love the intelligence built into Planner. No more shuffling dates around in a spreadsheet, Planner does this for you.