We are pleased to receive DVSA’s endorsement as an Earned Recognition Validated System Provider.

SmartCheck are pleased to announce their approval as a Validated System Provider for the DVSA’s Earned Recognition Scheme for maintenance KPIs.

A pilot phase for the Earned Recognition Scheme, which requires operators to provide fleet compliance related data to the DVSA, in exchange for a number of concessions, concluded in February 2018. Operators can join the scheme now but will need to include retrospective KPIs as part of the application. SmartCheck can help fast track your application to join the scheme, by producing retrospective accurate and acceptable KPI reports, for as many periods as you enter into Scheduler. Please see https://www.gov.uk/guidance/dvsa-earned-recognition-for-vehicle-operators-join-the-pilot for detailed information about the scheme.

Should you choose to join the Earned Recognition Scheme then, contrary to some views, “DVSA won’t have direct access to any of your data or systems.”. Instead SmartCheck provides you, the operator, with an immediate view of fleet compliance KPIs, which are sent on to DVSA when they become due.